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Master Electrician – What Does It Mean And What Can They Do?

Master Electrician is a term often used in the electrical world. But what does it really mean? We’re here to share everything you need to know about Master Electricians and how their role differs.

Master Electrician
Master Electricians accredited

Defining a Master Electrician

Master Electrician is the term given to electricians who have obtained the highest level of certification in the electrical field.

For you, the customer, it guarantees both quality and expertise. These electricians uphold the highest level of craftsmanship whilst adhering to all industry standards.

Beyond their electrical expertise, they are also able to serve as mentors to those just entering the electrical field as well as those who are interested in achieving the ‘Master Electrician’ certification themselves.

How Does an Electrician Become a Master Electrician?

The Master Electrician certification is awarded by the state government. Before becoming certified, the electrician must complete extensive theoretical and practical training, accumulating 1000 hours of classroom instruction and 10,000 hours of practical work experience.

In addition to this, the electrician needs to possess a minimum of two years experience working as a Journeyman Electrician (meaning they can work independently on projects of varying scope).

Further, the electrician must also be able to provide energy efficient advice to clients, showcase an approved safety management system, and offer a one year guarantee on all of their work.

Once certified, they become registered members of the Master Electricians Australia association and you can rest assured knowing you are receiving efficient and dependable service that is among the best in the industry.

A membership with Master Electricians Australia also ensures accountability.

Skills and Responsibilities

Master Electricians possess the ability to perform a broader range of services than a Journeyman Electrician. The services include:

  • Overseeing other technicians and coordinating large-scale electrical projects.
  • Leading, advising, and resolving complex issues.
  • Upholding safety standards and maintaining quality workmanship.
  • Analysing jobs and developing comprehensive plans.
  • Evaluating power outages and identifying their causes and impacts.
  • Monitoring the performance of electrical equipment.
  • Collaborating with other electricians to ensure jobs are smoothly executed, minimising any disruptions or delays.

Why Hire a Master Electrician?

With a Master Electrician, you can be confident that you will be receiving a service from an electrician who is a highly trained, fully licensed, experienced and knowledgeable tradesperson.

As an added bonus, these licensed electricians are continuously monitored in order to help refine their safety knowledge.

By choosing a Master Electrician you will also benefit from valuable advice, guarantees, and high-quality workmanship on all electrical services provided. The certification ensures that your electrical needs are going to be in the most capable hands.

Choosing the Right Master Electrician

Becoming a member of Master Electricians Australia is not a requirement, however an electrician with the certification comes with a guarantee. It signifies their dedication to upholding ethical standards and uncompromising quality.

When hiring the right electrician for you, always remember that you can ask if they are a member of Master Electricians Australia.

Additionally, it is never a bad idea to enquire about their licensing, insurance coverage, safety protocols, and their workmanship guarantee.

Having this information allows you to make the most informed decision when it comes to hiring a new electrician.

Master Electricians van

Need a Master Electrician?

At Jetset Electrical we uphold a strong dedication to delivering exceptional service. We are confident that our electricians go out of their way to ensure they are providing high-quality workmanship and unbeatable customer service.

So, when you’re looking for a Master Electrician you can trust, contact Jetset Electrical on 1300 453 871 today. Our staff are always happy to answer all enquiries so you can be sure you are making the right choice.

June, 2024
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