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Smoke Detectors Installation

For Your Household’s Safety – Get Professional Smoke Detector Installation

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Jetset Electrical are specialists in smoke detector testing and installation. We’ll make sure your family and home is protected!!

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Smoke Detectors Installation
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Smoke Detectors Queensland Legislation

Fires are known to spread rapidly, so much so that even the smallest of flames can engulf an entire room in mere moments.

This is why smoke detectors are such an essential defence mechanism for all Australian homes. Without smoke detectors, the chances of severe injury or property damage in the event of a fire are significantly increased.

In fact, smoke detectors are considered such a crucial part of your home’s safety infrastructure that, here in Queensland, they are actually mandated.


In 2017 it became a requirement for homeowners to begin replacing any smoke detectors that were more than ten years old, and all non-functioning smoke detectors with photoelectric smoke detectors. This remains to be a mandate today.


As per the Queensland Legislation, landlords are required to ensure that their property has fully operational smoke detectors installed. In the case that any existing smoke detectors do not work or were manufactured over ten years ago, it is the landlord’s responsibility to replace them.

Building and Renovations

The Queensland Legislation and the National Construction Code both require the installation of interconnected photoelectric smoke detectors in any newly constructed or renovated homes. The installation of said smoke detectors is part of the building approval process.

Where Should Your Smoke Detectors Be Installed?

The Queensland Legislation requires there to be a smoke detector located:

  • In every bedroom
  • On every storey
  • In any hallways that connect a bedroom to the rest of the house
  • For any levels without a bedroom, a smoke detector should be placed in the most probable exit route.

The Legislation also specifically mandates the installation of interconnected photoelectric detectors in all homes. These are to be either hardwired 240V smoke detectors, or non-removable battery operated smoke detectors.

Professional Smoke Detector Installations

When it comes to your household’s safety, it is always best to be well prepared. The best way to protect yourself against any possible fire hazards is by having smoke detectors properly installed and working.

At Jetset Electrical, our electricians specialise in smoke detector installation and maintenance. Our team of professionals will make sure that your smoke detectors are installed to meet the Queensland legislation requirements and ensure you are as safe as possible.

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